Diarrhea & Loose Stool

What is Diarrhea and Loose Stool?

Diarrhea and Loose StoolLoose Stool and Diarrhea: These are common problems with dogs and their owners. Loose stool is considered soft or mushy “patty-like” stools. Diarrhea is watery stool. Loose stool is actually a form of diarrhea, just a more mild version of it.

What Causes It

Other than antibiotics, there are usually are some foundational health issues that cause loose stool and diarrhea. Addressing diet, looking for potential parasites, or overall gut function can increase your success rate with combating loose stool in dogs. Usually, it can be related to diet, or a food intolerance.

When your dog’s intestinal microbiota is in a state of dysbiosis, harmful bacteria have overrun the gut. These pathogenic bacteria cause loose stool and diarrhea and the situation is very difficult for your dog to fight on his own.

How to Stop Loose Stool and Diarrhea

Loose stool and diarrhea can be most easily addressed through nutrition. In the short term, some have found that by adding canned pumpkin to the diet the issue is somewhat abated. But, to address the problem at the foundation, the answer is probiotics. Probiotics, tiny microorganisms, populate the gut to create a more favorable intestinal microbiota against loose stool or diarreha. When delivered at proper doses, probiotics can crowd out the pathogenic bacterial that causes loose stool and diarrhea. The result is a balanced and effective immune and digestive system, and regular bowels.

How Fast Can I Expect To See Results?

While every dog is different, we see consistent positive results with Probiotic Miracle® when addressing loose stool and diarrhea. While some have reported positive results in as little as two days, we recommend waiting 3-5 weeks before noticing lasting results.

How Long Should I Keep Giving My Dog Probiotics?

After the bouts of loose stool and diarrhea have passed, it is a smart choice to continue probiotic therapy as a wellness regimen. By giving probiotics daily, you support the gut, your dog’s primary immune system organ. 

True Story
“Wow… I had to write to you to tell you the amazing results we had with Probiotic Miracle on our 8 year old labrador. We tried everything to get the CONSTANT loose stool to go away. Pumpkin helped a little, but nothing did the trick completely. It seemed to go away and come back. Then we were advised by my vet to try probiotics. We started with Probiotic Miracle and got immediate results. We tried switching to another brand that I found in the store, but, wouldn’t you know it! Diarrhea! We put him back on Probiotic Miracle, and yes, immediate results. We will never switch again! :) Just thank you for making such a great product for our precious family member.” —Carla G.



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