Your Dog on Probiotics: The First Few Weeks

A Week-by-Week Glimpse

Dog on ProbioticsIf you're considering probiotic treatment for your dog, you may be wondering how your dog might respond to the change in diet. Here is a week-by-week glimpse of what you can expect after introducing probiotics to your dog.

Week 1 


Feel confident that you're doing something good for your dog. If you're giving your dog a powder supplement, he should not be able to detect the supplement in the food because the dosage should be tiny.

During the first week, as with any positive diet change, it is not uncommon for your dog to display cleansing or detoxifying type symptoms, such as, an increase in gas or changes in stools.

If it appears that your dog isn't tolerating the introduction of probiotics well, cut the recommended dosage to half or a quarter, and increase the amount slowly over the next 7-10 days.

Week 2 


Your dog's colon and digestive tract are still in the balancing process. Toxins and pathogenic bacteria are being purged. You may notice an increase in elimination. This is a good time to adjust the probiotic dosage if you see fit. If your dog is still having trouble with gas, keep the dosage low this week. If you haven't seen any changes, and your dog is tolerating the probiotics well, you can increase the dosage, too.

Week 3


Your dog should be starting to adjust to the introduction of probiotics. Keep the dosage steady, splitting the doses morning and night is a good practice. If your dog is recovering from antibiotic therapy, or has a gastrointestinal disorder, this is a good time to start increases the dosage.

Weeks 4-5 


Many people see improvments with their dogs in the first couple weeks of introducing probiotics. But by 4-5 weeks, problems like diarrhea or loose stool will likely be gone by now. In fact, many people, by 4 weeks, report that their dogs have firmer, more regular stools and decreased gas.

Weeks 6-8


This is the magic moment of for your dog on probiotics. Most dogs will display naturally improved health from the new healthy balance of intestinal flora. Not only will your dog's digestive health be dramatically improved, but dogs display a more vibrant coat, and hydrated skin by this time.

Week 8 and beyond...


Giving your dog probiotics every day has fortified your dog's digestive system and powered up his immune system system as well. Allergies, itching, and scratching should be minimized or, in many cases, completely gone.* Make sure you continue to give your dog probiotics daily to help your dog's health flourish for years to come.



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