Probiotics for Puppies

Are Probiotics for Puppies?

Probiotics for PuppiesIn short, yes. Probiotics are highly recommended for young dogs and puppies. Puppies that are given probiotics consistently are less likely to develop chronic illnesses as they age. †

Why Probiotics Are Great For Your Puppy

Puppies are born with sterile guts. Giving probiotics to a puppy will help fortify the animal's gut health in the early months—reducing instances of diarrhea, constipation, and loose stool.

Did you know that 80% of immune function relies on the health of your puppy’s intestinal tract (gut)? Thus, one of the most important things you can do for your puppy, is to provide him with beneficial bacteria (probiotics), to solidify a foundation of health throughout their lives.

During this puppy developmental phase of life, your puppy’s gut is getting its natural balance and building its own colonies of bacteria. Probiotics for canines at a young age guarantee a favorable microbiota (intestinal flora) that keeps your puppy healthy as they age.

The Benefits of Giving a Puppy Probiotics

A puppy that is given probiotics on a daily basis has a better chance at avoiding developing immune disorders later in life. A healthy gut equals a healthy dog.

Puppies given probiotics also have less or no bouts of diarrhea and loose stool—both common during this developmental phase as your puppy tries to balance growth, digestion, and elimination.

How Much Probiotics Do Puppies Need?

As a good start for a lifetime of wellnes, we recommend supplying about 250 - 500 million CFU of dog probiotics once per day. Probiotic Miracle powder is a gentle and easy to dose probiotic for pupplies. Make sure not to give your puppy human probiotics, unless it's plain acidophilus... we also recommend against yogurt or kefir.

How Long Should I Keep Giving My Puppy Probiotics?

To keep your dog healthy for the duration of his life, probiotic supplementation is recommended indefinitely.

By giving probiotics daily, you support the gut, your dog’s primary immune system organ. Most dog owners that supply their dog’s meals with probiotics each day never see loose stool or diarrhea again.*

True Story
“I always tell people about this product and recommend they start it when their dogs are puppies. I’ve owned several dogs during my lifetime and this time I started early with Probiotic Miracle on my holistic vet’s advice. When I got her, she had tummy problems early on. My schnauzer hardly ever has any stomach upset, gas, diarrhea, anything bad. In fact, I can’t remember the last time we had a problem. She will be a Probiotic Miracle dog as long as I have her with me :) ”† —Bernice V.

† Individual results may vary. When illness is related to a gut or intestinal health issue.



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